Technician hours may be contracted on a monthly basis with savings of up to 25%.

Our "TechHours" prepaid time block services are the most popular contract option for regular service customers. They offer much more than traditional time block discounts. Monthly or Anytime technician hours are purchased in blocks. Here are some of the features of our block contracts.

  • Discounts of up to 25% over standard hourly service rates (see below)
  • Guaranteed 1 hour callback and 4 hour response time.
  • Full access to all CoastMS services at the same low rates, from workstation repair to the most advanced networking, web design and custom database programming requirements.
  • Simple, low monthly payment options.
  • Top priority response.

TechHours are designed to provide a vast array of hardware and software service, support for network and peripheral systems, network management support and other IT support services. Small businesses or individuals with multiple computers may receive a discounted rate by contracting service hours. By prepaying for a specific number of hours per month to perform scheduled preventative maintenance or network management. These plans provide versatility to support computers of varying degrees of fitness or unique configurations.

How many hours?
A minimum of one hour per workstation per month should be allocated to adequately perform preventative maintenance for a small business network. Additional hours may be required for work outside the network (website, email, purchasing assistance, specialized training, etc.) and perhaps initially to establish a base of support.

Preventive Maintenance
Given adequate hours through monthly, system-wide diagnostics, we will identify and replace hardware components that are either failing or performing outside optimal parameters. We remove software clutter that accumulates in workstations that can often lead to instability and data contamination. We evaluate the operating system and peripheral applications running on each system to ensure necessary upgrades and updates are installed when appropriate. We actively manage your network and peripheral systems, including verifying the regular back-up of critical data and changing back-up media, establishing access criteria, monitoring system security (including users and user passwords), scheduling back-up recovery drills, and verifying active virus protection.

Monthly TechHours
Monthly Service Prepayment allows the customer to pre-purchase monthly labor time at a discounted rate. This service can be be used by the customer for any regular on-site service and expire each month. This prepayment is for service time only and does not include parts or software. Monthly 25% off

Anytime TechHours
Prepaid anytime hours are not bound by a time limit or deadline. This prepayment is for service time only and does not include parts or software. 15% off