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A member of our design team will help you develop your design requirements. The design team will carefully review it respond with our estimate on your website design project. Contact us today to get started.

Website Design Considerations

Organization:Description: (experience, specialization, etc.)
Marketing Slogan or catch phrase
What is the nature of your business?
Main aspects of your business, Scope? Who you are; what you do; what you sell
What is the size of your business? (# Employees)
Location of your company? Cities where your offices are
Zone of your activity?
(  ) Cities
(  ) Counties
(  ) Coastwide  
(  ) Mississippi Statewide
(  ) Multi-State
(  ) International

What makes your business stand out from the competition?
Describe the target audience (market) of the site
Who are your most common
(  ) Clients 
(  ) Commercial Buyers (b2b)
(  ) Retail Customers 
(  ) Members?
What features do you as the business owner want to see on your site?
What features do your staff members want the site to have?
What features does your target audience want the site to have?